Go forth young

The cowes fowl
Milk prizes did not dwell
Fatted udders clotted and belled
Danes swatted, Swiss plotted
South Island rivers tanked
Bulls in a china shop

The metal water thieves
Swarming like krakken
Rusted and kakked
Like oil was frakked
A billion or more lost lives
for a plane to St Ives

And in place this ways
up rose orchards and cos letters
Universities jumped over the moon
Cabbages instead of coals
Tomatoes instead of horned toes
The snow returned
Rivers half turned
Peas broke and ran, scatted in clan

Science yelled, students squinted
Is it 9 billion or 9, the zeros hinted
Are you not you one or two
On the other side of the hearth
Sat Tuatara on a foot laugh
Here before you, but nothing unless too
Or add a bit for free
Fish can wonder too

Not yin not yang
Not give not take
But ying yang and yong
Give, take and bake
For knees and happens sake
The good anon has spake
Of the quatarnery awake
I wonder who is the other one
This young nipper tea

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