Ra ra

so i took a finnish bath
looked up the garden path
crooked a look at the serpent math
tried a squint at the resultant wrath

i yelled out in karelian pith
held out for morwellian myth
how long is this paradigm riff
how old really is a tee yo and with

Ha said hi to the sun god ra from me
ensconsed in protocol from far dexterity
sang a song to a typical punditry
rang a bell to the Agata Christie tree

and I heard a sax song a war lord wry
a booming drum describe a forlorn π
I heard an old world plead not to die
and waxed on how a rah rah was a sporting cry

and as I lost even more righted words
I looked up in the sky to the floating birds
I gave hell to the ensconced lazy chords
who were not weaving mighty enough to be thirds

Hail era three by three, raise an ark for free
Hear the din and rark up for any sort of liberty
Instead of hell ore hades or uptown son’s idiocy
We there paen sixpence infin or trin fare them see

So give a metre and a fought you will sow
Cush shone brightly I’ll let you know
Until Rome shut it down with words flung low
Fitting epitath for ragged rhyming river Po

Now say it softly in case they hear
But its the hordes we must call and cheer
Describe the cave and they will peer
It’s only the lords who woe state price two dear

And now I souvenir a rattle snakes death askance
I heard a keyboard hay guitar twang a rotten chance
worded won thousand stars blue moon munted lance
in the distance I heard the crackling witches chants

ra ra

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