Kinder Morgan proposed pipeline in Western Canada

This was my part of a group project on Strategic Environmental Assessment in 2018. Basically a list of key points, might be handy for those wanting to get a hold of this issue.
Update 30/5/18 (16:20 NZST). Canadian Government is going to buy the pipeline from Kinder Morgan. This kind of complicates the opposition to it. Will be an interesting next 12 months or so. Basically Canadian Government is either playing a National strategic game (likely) or they are helping out Kinder Morgan (also likely but not compatible with first suggestion). I suspect that the pipeline will be sold back at the first post build opportunity (If you disagree say so in the comments).
Also Vancouver is infested with gender politics which is clearly an elite agenda. I’m not sure though how this has impacted so far but if you can trust someone like Morgane Oger then you’re far less cynical than I am. 

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Canada

  • 1990 Cabinet directive issued to consider environmental concerns in the development of their policies, plans, and programs (PPPs). Federal level triggered if proposal submitted to Minister for approval and if project may result in significant environmental impact. Act stipulates that the National Energy Board (NEB) members live in Calgary, Alberta. (the Tarsands are in the north of Alberta and date to just before this time).
  • 1999, 2004 & 2010 Cabinet directive updated with advice on how to implement.
  • 2012 Harper (Conservative) government guts all EAs (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 or CEAA).NEB (based in Calgary) put in charge of pipelines. The NEB is unpopular in Canada, something that both itself and the Canadian government have acknowledged in 2016.
  • 2016 Recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Liberal) announces overhaul of IAs/EAs.
  • 2018 Bill C-69 tabled. Plans to repeal CEAA 2012 and replace it with the Impact Assessment Act. Broadens scope to include health, social, economic in addition to environmental and has an emphasis on sustainability and indigenous cooperation. One agency proposed for all IAs. Not though retrospective. New act would shift many decisions to Federal level.

SEA at Provincial Level (British Columbia)

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