Extinction Rebellion, some thoughts

I have been thinking about Extinction Rebellion (XR) quite a lot lately. I do have some qualms.

The UK group Class War from about 30 years ago always gave the impression of being a State invention so I would really hope that we’re not seeing a replay here. But apparently XR (UK) has only raised 82k GBP so far and that really should have run out many months ago. This group on the other hand has all the appearance of being well funded (offices, flyers, nice webpage). So I’m far from convinced that hope is going to be adequate here.

I like my organizations to have grass roots.

Heiko (I’ve never heard of him before an hour ago) has some interesting things to say in this interview and I like how the interviewer (I assume that this is Rashid Nix) changes from skepticism initially to comradeship by the end of the interview;

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  1. Interesting commentary on the interview below. XR (UK)’s line seems to be zero carbon by 2025. Although that’s not possible from what I understand XR (NZ) is running the line that 2050 is ok (which is official Govt policy and completely inadequate).


    Heiko seems a little skeptical of the media around climate change. That though does not detract from points that he makes about the big corporates eying pension funds for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) financing which is a pie in the sky non-solution. As are the stupid ideas about building barriers around Antarctica or maybe putting a giant reflector into space. Yes these have both been proposed.

    Reality is that both targets are beyond this rather insane civilization. 2025 might sound more difficult than 2050 but tell that to me in 2045. We actually do need system change. Local food, vegan focused (no not fake meat), no private cars, public transport, no air travel. And no billionaires, no millionaires as their ideas are mostly idiotic. And their support for democracy is non-existent.

  2. Here’s a poem that I wrote about 18 months ago. Seems relevant.


    When software becomes too big
    it becomes unmanageable
    stretches at the seams
    blows out in parts beyond means
    blues flow into greens
    reds stand and simmer in past misdeeds
    poorly concocted codes causes storms
    and blows and stammers and implodes
    when rage drove the code
    when hate fleshed the mother ode
    when daughter and sister were cut
    by design or by omission
    the storms blew, the seas rose
    but this is just one, of total
    there is maybe 5 or 7
    or maybe more who am I to count
    there are sinews that I have not even
    thought of, and I know for
    sure that you have not either

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