OMV, oil and Otago

Now I know that a lot of citizens of the Dunedin region share a similar heritage to Europeans. But having spent plenty of time in Europe over the last 30 years I figure I can normally pick a European in New Zealand. Don’t ask me to define why that is, is it the clothes, the way that they hold themselves, the lack of casualness? The designer glasses? The European accent? Who knows. Anyway I figure some of the employees of OMV were in town last week having spotted some likely lads in George St near Westpac Bank. So I’ve made an FYI request via (their website is very kindly hosted by NZME, so generous of them….) for information on any possible meetings that OMV representatives may have had with DCC or ORC and their employees/representatives in the last month.

That they pulled out of the meetings due to 25 protestors in the Council offices yesterday seems unlikely to me.


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