Stop the Minerals Forum Safe Space Policy

Stop the Minerals Forum Safe Space Policy

This 1984 like document has been carried over from Climate Justice Õtepoti and in fact the link was originally theirs, until I noted that to them. The bank account is also still theirs (whoever ‘theirs’ is, but I suspect that Climate Justice Õtepoti has the same account number as Auckland Peace Action).

Good luck keeping to these conditions. Remember not to invade personal space, forget to read body language or indulge in confrontational behaviour that “may spark aggression” (I think that we can safely assume that they may be prone to a bit of violence by that, the little brown-shirts).

Also watch out for the SS errr… T  (aka Safe Space Team).

Finally that bit they’ve ‘blued’ clearly indicates their ‘associations’ which, as you can see from the image embedded below, is Auckland Peace Action who along with their Wellington division believe that war is peace, and plant fake bombs to prove it .

So “Iris” take it away


Dziękuję Wojtek, to było piękne. Tak, dobrze, dobrze….. może być….

(and yes Wojtek I do know how to pronounce the above)

To be clear I do support action against this conference. But this post is about the ‘safe spaces’ policy of this supposed ‘coalition’ both of which I do not support.


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  1. There is no coalition. In reality there’s a group of about 10 of these guys who fill and basically control all of these groups of this supposed coalition. They’re all in their late teens or 20s and one of them (Sam) has been closely aligned with Valerie Morse in the past and I’m not certain that he’s not a FIFO (fly in fly out) Dunedin ‘based’ climate ‘activist’. If so this would be highly inappropriate as he’d basically be expending a few tonnes of CO2* to get to Dunedin.

    Most of them don’t turn up for anything that is not going to get their mugs in the news. For example none were to be seen at a ‘meet Mike Joy’ last Thursday at the University organized by one of their own groups, XR Otago, or at a presentation by Mike Joy and Alan Mark at the Museum on Sunday. Mike and Alan are probably the two foremost ecologists in NZ and neither is afraid of tilting at the establishment and have suffered for it in the past (most recently Mike Joy who was basically hounded out of his Massey University job last year). They were both focusing on climate change in their talks and how it related to NZ/Aotearoa. You’d think that these guys would be interested in this topic but nah.

    * that’s about what each human’s annual budget of CO2 should be although it is currently only achieved by the poor in third world countries or someone completely off the grid.

  2. those two pampered poodles
    Jack, what exactly is their
    carbon footprint
    Is their daily shampoo
    From a plastic bottle
    Is their food local
    Is it Taieri vegan
    Or is it canned horse from Dubbo
    Flown in on chartered jumbo
    Is your Jesus a reworked Ronald Reagan
    Is there a thatcher in the rye
    Do your pews have cushions
    Is your theology liberational
    How much does your preacher cost exactly…..

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