A Saturday to remember

First I graduated today with my Post Graduate diploma in Geography. My mini-thesis was on the Arctic. The person next to me at the Graduation had done hers on whether nuts released more nutrients if soaked first. The answer was no they don’t. She asked me if there was any hope for the Arctic. I said no there wasn’t but maybe we could hope for better for the planet.

Secondly an Email conversation was started with a person who is into climate change denial. Suspect that he’s too smart not to be in it for the money. Trouble is that he’s not smart enough to realize that physics really doesn’t care. You can’t take your wealth with you.

Thirdly not at all surprised to see Antifa and Trans Activists on the same page here, unfortunately Antifa has no rights to the Anti in their name (and how smug is that guy in the white t-shirt).

An article about that interaction is here;

Morning Star article

(warning to fake activists – that’s a communist newspaper there, get your minders permissions first)


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  1. Twitter being interrogated by some British MPs, specifically by Joanna Cherry who seems to be on to this one. Katy Minshull representing Twitter fails to impress in any whatsoever (she should resign, she must know that the company that she works for is reprehensible on women’s rights).


  2. Notice how the guy (pretty sure that it’s a guy) in the green face bandana goes up to the guy in the white shirt at about 0.18 and commands ‘come on’.

    Rallying the brown-shirts.

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