They’re just not getting it.

The May Day stoush between a black woman and some ‘trans activists’ who called her a *igger and ‘black scum’ reminded me of some other privileged males;


Yes one of the World’s supposed leaders of climate change action (Macron) is sitting down with the CEO of the world’s chief spy agency (aka Facebook) with plastic bottles galore around the table (also no women to be seen – or heard).

Like this supposed climate activist who was one of the bullies at the Labour Party Rally in London on May Day;


I guess we shouldn’t expect more, these are after all the most privileged men of the planet. They didn’t get there by caring about others or our environment/biosphere.

P.S. I assume that their face has been blotted out of that video where I’ve taken the pic from (above) because it makes “her” look like him. Here’s another pic of them;


Looking at you in a way that male privilege only provides.

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