Golriz Gharahman, Seymour, Hooton and the preachers of Twitter

Golriz has been taking some flak of late. I can’t say that I don’t think that it’s deserved. I havn’t got into the specifics of the argument, I understand that David Seymour (ACT MP) said that she was dangerous to NZ’s democracy. I believe that Matthew Hooton then waded in and that in turn bought the permanently outraged (when not dying their hair that is) of Twitter on to the defense team. David’s language might have been a little ‘flowery’ and Matthew’s allegiances are open to question (albeit National seems not to like him as much as he likes them) but Golriz and her Twitter outrage team are harder to support than Seymour and Hooton are in this case. In fact I don’t think that Seymour was too far off the mark here (a stopped clock etc). And I actually think that Matthew is performing a service to democracy in asking some hard questions of the Greens and others. His OIA requests are mostly ones that we should all be interested in.

Golriz could get more support if she actually cared about typical Green issues instead of trying to further legislate against free speech which seems to be her main focus (and pre-dates Christchurch). But that’s asking too much of any MP of this current Green Party. From the green-washing James Shaw to the anti-feminist Green Women MPs to the complete disappearance of Gareth Hughes this party is a serious wasted vote at the next election.

The necessary fix for this state of affairs would mean, at the very least, that Marama and Golriz would be replaced with two environmental focused (actual) feminist candidates. But a complete clean out would be better. Chloe, Julie Anne and Gareth would likely be good to have around still but they’ve proved incapable of standing up for the environment so their current status as MPs is undeserved. The other Green MPs have no right to the claim to be Green in any way whatsoever (I could word that more rudely but I’ll resist that urge for now).

As for the next generation of Greens such as Max Tweedie and Michael Tavares well they’re even more odious. And with guest spots given to the McDonalds promoting media favourite (there’s a reason for that, considering who her fellow Aunties Inc mates are) Jackie Clark well there’s a distinct hue of brown starting to appear in the NZ Greens so I actually hope that Hooton and Seymour continue to put pressure on the worst of them. Saves me the bother.

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