Coattailing on School students’ climate action

At the protest on 24th May in the Octagon the ‘Stop the Minerals Forum’ guys were there as well along with Fin from Generation Zero and they basically took over the last 50 minutes or so of the protest (and there are some such as Abe who flit between both).

So moving away from the school students and more to the Stop the Minerals Forum guys, well Abe was there he being associated with various groups in Dunedin (he was wearing his pink jacket again, like he did at the Extinction Rebellion ‘action’ a few weeks ago). He was helping the compere (Zac Rudin) in their attempts to rouse the crowd. They’ll need to work on that though and several times I felt that I was watching Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot play but as a much more annoying version. Although my tolerance was probably shorter than the students they too looked to be bored after the 10th, 20th or 30th chant.

Probably about an hour from the end (it may have been 45 minutes, I wasn’t taking notes) Fin from Generation Zero spoke. He might as well not have and was particularly unimpressive in both presentation and content of his speech. His claim (delivered with boredom on his part) was that Generation Zero had to fight tooth and nail for the Zero Carbon Act (which is far from adequate anyway) but this in my view is a bogus claim, Generation Zero has all the appearance of having establishment (Greens probably) backing. Fin is studying politics at Otago. He’s probably bored with that too.

Towards the end the rest of the guys (save one gal) from the Climate Change Otepoti/Stop the Minerals Forum meeting showed themselves (they had been hanging around the stage for the whole protest) and spoke about how to take action at the upcoming conference. Chief gender strategist Sam (apparently he’s a divestment strategist and divestment is only needed if you have something to divest) then proceeded to take the school students through strategies on how to resist for the upcoming Minerals Conference. All I would say to the school students at this stage is to be careful of the friends whom you choose.

Sam of course commented that the two groups were not associated but pull the other one Sam, you’re the main suspect for training of how to do rousing speeches of no substance. In fact in my opinion any climate group associated with Sam has a problem with legitimacy. Activism (and we definitely need it now) needs to be in the hands of actual activists again, not Sam or anyone else from Climate Change Otepoti.

Anyway a guy from this group (I am unaware of who he is but he was pleasant enough) was giving out small leaflets on their behalf (I assume they’re still calling themselves ‘Stop the Minerals Forum’ despite the website address on the leaflet). Anyway there’s always interesting information associated with website addresses.

So from the leaflet; (link goes to their site)

A Climate Justice Õtepoti/Stop the Minerals Forum website. Registered to a non-existent (NZ?) company (P and T Ltd). Also has the name Phil Todd on the whois record (Mr Ltd?).  But that’s as far as any of the supposed NZ connections go. Not hosted in NZ but rather in the US.  Seems to have a connection to a person from the Netherlands (that would be Kai) but despite that it looks to be set up by someone with a US focus (obviously via Kai). How the connection to this group comes is probably not that much of a mystery but I’m going to leave that one for now.

Note the name. Very focused on coal isn’t it? The conference though is focused on more than coal as oil and gas are also a large focus. The wording of the pamphlet given out at the protest is therefore ‘problematically’ interesting and I quote “The NZ Minerals Forum is coming to Dunedin, to promote the expansion of coal, and other problematic extractive industries in Aotearoa.”

I’ll just say that last bit again “other problematic extractive industries in Aotearoa”. That would be oil and gas then guys? I’ve heard this line before, at the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015 (COP 21). The main offenders there were the Carnegie Fund guys, in oil up to their eyeballs….

And another website address was announced at the protest, this was; (or – they’re the same site basically (and end up back at Generation Zero).

Note the attempt to encourage generational conflict (groan…..). Although it looks to be associated with the NZ Young Greens (Max Tweedie is this you?) this .com domain is actually registered in Yorkshire via a service which hides the registrant’s name*. That I suspect leads straight to the new gender strategies of the dumbed down elite ‘thinkers’ (think Idiocracy with mermaids). I’ll look more into this in the next few days but in the meantime you may like to think about buying this house in Connecticut, why I don’t know it just looks like a nice family home, plenty of room for elbowing (but boy that carbon footprint eh Lisa?);

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  • my view is that ICANN should disallow this, but it’s actually getting worse with recent changes.

Update: well what do you know, we have some oil and gas connections. More to come.

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