415 parts per million

Is roughly the number of times that the Green Party of Aotearoa/NZ mentions CO2. And that might even be generous.

I’ve searched Twitter for the mention of CO2 by the Green MPs and a few of their younger members who are obviously aiming for MP roles in the future;


  • @jamespeshaw (co-leader and climate change minister) – a big fat zero.
  • @MaramaDavidson (co-leader) – 2 both in November/December 2018
  • @GarethMP – lots before 2016 none afterwards. Still focused in this area though unlike the others.
  • @JulieAnneGenter – often before 2016. Once afterwards (19th October 2016).
  • @EugenieSage – twice – some focus there but seems somewhat naive. None after 2015.
  • @_chloeswarbrick – a big fat zero
  • @janlogie – a big fat zero
  • @golrizghahraman – a big fat zero

Jan/Golriz not focusing here is no surprise. Chloe is a surprise though, so I can only assume that her Green credentials are also lacking. James Shaw as climate change minister should be ashamed of himself.


The Trans Greens (totally focused on Trans issues and obviously planning to become MPs at some stage).

  • thewildernerd – 3 all related to Resene who (supposedly, havn’t checked) were into climate denial in 2017
  • @max_tweedie – a big fat zero
  • @scoutriver – a big fat zero

Generation Zero
@MrFindlayC (Generation Zero leader) – a big fat zero

(well accidentally once, in giving Greenpeace a hard time for mentioning it and methane)

Absolutely exactly what was expected, neither the Trans Greens nor Findlay disappointed (although of course they do all the time as ‘Greens’, the $#@!s)


So there you have it. I would suggest that Gareth and Julie-Anne have some understanding of Green issues but none of the others deserves to be able to call themselves a Green. There would seem to be an edict banning Green MPs and others from referring to CO2 either as a result of Shaw becoming co-leader or in the run-up (for a year mind you) before the 2017 election.

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