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Do As I Say Not As I Do (a term that has its origins in the hypocrisy of preachers).

Anyone wanting to look into the background of Extinction Rebellion and its main man Julian Roger Hallam could do worse than look into the shambles that seems to have been “Fox Housing Co-operative” by the end of 2012.

For context Isabel Lovelock seems to be Hallam’s partner. She appears alongside him on many directorships and shareholdings.

My first suspicion was that the commentary of Fox Co-op Ltd on the facebook page (below) was Julian/Roger. But it’s probably one of the guys on the other side, bitter after the court case where the judge obviously sided with Julian/Roger & Isabel and evicted those who were actually living at the co-op housing site (Julian/Roger & Isabel having moved out years before). There is also a small matter of mortgages looking like they might have been raised against this co-op property around 2004-2007 by Julian/Roger & Isabel to fund his rather unimpressive organic food company (Organics to Go (West) Limited). So after watching his training video and seeing this debacle played out over various sites I have to say that Julian/Roger is pretty unimpressive and somewhat of a pillock into the bargain (Adrian would be a better leader of XR it has to be said). Despite some writing indicating otherwise (and appearing to be written by some alter ego) it therefore surely is obvious that there’s literally no chance of Julian Roger Hallam leading anything at this stage or being a genuine agent of system change. A useful fool for the corporates is all he surely is. Something that the division of XR called XR Business which is supported by companies like Unilever (responsible for a large proportion of your supermarket shopping) also indicates. There is a term that covers this sort of behaviour and it’s not ‘System Change’ but rather ‘Greenwashing’ something that James Shaw co-leader of the NZ/Aotearoa Green Party also knows a lot about (via his UK agency ‘Future Considerations’).

Oh and watch your pockets in Julian/Roger’s vicinity, or he’ll empty them.

If anyone from the former co-op passes by you should really ask Roger/Julian and Isabel what happened to half the assets of that former co-operative, as they seem to have disappeared in a puff of smoke sometime around the end of 2012 (you may also like to check out the mortgages of his organics company).

Pssst here….

Facebook, Isabell & Fox Ltd ‘answering Adrian Krakiewicz. Isabel Lovelock is on the original mortgage document for Fox Co-op (1999) along with Julian Roger Hallam. She also shares directorship and shareholding with him on many other companies.

One could ask Isabel here what ‘hippy’ ever placed their trust in the establishment?

And for context – the Fox Farm Blog. Obviously not Isabel or Roger.

As per that blog Roger and Isabel (and one other) seem to be attempting to turn the co-op into a landlord/tenant arrangement (with themselves as landlords) after leaving the co-op. This would be in keeping with any new arrangements that they’d made with the HSBC of course, as the HSBC is not exactly a supporter of capitalist alternatives.

There’s a lot to be said for ‘hunches’ it has to be said. This group (XR) gave me reasons for concern from the start even if only the local version. After but the most cursory of investigation it is now my view that they are nothing other than an astroturfing organisation at origin. But if you like your protest corporate approved well then don’t let me stop you becoming a part of them.

One of the odd things about this though is that XR policy is indicating that the establishment has lost their transgender raised (not all trans etc) war on democracy. This is a good sign and let’s hope, or rather demand, that it takes hold here in Aotearoa as well as this will place them on the back foot as well as placing them in opposition to their large sponsors and their sick fantasies of ‘smart’ cities, facebook enabled surveillance states and neutered cyborg warriors with multicoloured weapons.

One last thing. No genuine activist, or activist group in this case, has (a) gmail account(s) as their main email address (that counts for all the MPs in Aotearoa who support this feature of the surveillance state as well). XR uses these extensively as do Climate Change Otepoti, Auckland Peace Action and various other clowns (come on down Jack) playing at being activists in this domain.

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