The Shock of the Anthropocene

This book by Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz is one of my favourite books. Unlike books in the anglosphere by people who claim to climate activism this one really gets to the heart of the problem. Maybe it’s because they’re French. Anyway it covers capitalism, religion, which they accurately identify as enabling capitalism and the corporate actors. This is part of their conclusion;

““The less that the science of the Anthropocene pretends to stand above the world,” they write, “the more solid and fruitful it will be, and the less the seductive concept of the Anthropocene will risk serving as a legitimizing philosophy for an oligarchic geopower.” Such a perspective would surely be liberating for both humans and the Earth.”

Unlike Tim Naish (my last blog post) I think that we need more democracy rather than less. So Tim, pull your head in.

Here’s a review of ‘The Shock of the Anthropocene”.

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