Billionaires order Portland mayor to stand-down police so that white supremacist antifa can protest Trump by bashing 75 year olds, small gay Asian journos and anyone protecting them while chanting ‘we are here, we are queer’.

They’re about as queer as the brownshirts were (you might be surprised at some similarities…).

I think the gist of my take on this is in the header. I don’t particularly care what Andy Ngo’s politics are because whatever his position is it is not as illiberal as these thugs. They could stop and think why, unlike every protest I’ve ever been on, they had the run of the streets. But they won’t.

BTW Andy Ngo is not in the above video. But it won’t take much for you to find video of him being assaulted by antifa. I believe that he’s still in hospital with bleeding on the brain after being punched, and assaulted with various objects.

Antifa have their branches here too. They normally go by the name XX Peace Action or Climate Justice XX. There is no Trump in New Zealand, but I guess we don’t lack for billionaires to protect, even if they’re bolthole ones. Funny also that Climate Justice groups have been formed (only) in both Taranaki (lots of oil and gas) and Otago (lots of oil/gas exploration) but that we’re yet to hear from either of these groups even the slightest mention of oil or gas. Coal and fertilizer are their only environmental foci and they don’t even do them well. There’s a saying for this, something like ‘you shall know someone by what they don’t talk about’.

And of course there’s a study somewhere in the future that will look at how Antifa’s ‘punch a nazi’ (i.e. Richard Spencer) became 2017/18/19s ‘punch a terf’ (i.e. any woman, and sometimes men too, who insist that a woman is an ‘adult human female’). An absolute cluster”&^%.

My namesake (i.e. the Columbia based climate scientist) said a few years ago that Syria’s problems were caused by Climate Change so I’ll do the same here. The antifa thugs might not realize it but their actions, bought and paid for by billionaires’ dollars, are themselves an example of the impacts of climate change, and their violence could be seen by some as performance art (i.e. like the Gladiators of Rome) as societal norms are discarded in the fight for the best seat.

Do you really think that you have a seat at this table Antifa? Did the Roman emperors fight it out in the stadium with Gladiators watching from the podium?

Update: Tuesday 11:20 NZST. @Lucet_Veritas twitter account is suspended. Yes she’s right wing, yes she supports Trump but she was quite obviously suspended for the videos in her Twitter feed which clearly showed Antifa’s unprovoked violence (and quite a lot of it). In my view Antifa and Trump are on the same side even if some of their supporters are not.

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