2,000 Light Years from Home (It was 50 years ago today….)

Yes it’s a song from the Rolling Stones Satanic Majesties album from 1967. Brian Jones being tasked with saving it from oblivion. Brian Jones is all over this album and boy doesn’t Keith Richards know saying of it in comparison to Sgt Pepper. “Oh, if you can make a load of shit, so can we.” Personally I don’t doubt Richards on this one as the post 69 Stones have done so regularly. But Satanic Majesties is great in a very 1967 kind of way and does in fact have several very good songs on it. The worst Stones albums are all post Brian Jones for the simple reason that his musical talent was far superior to Jagger & Richards who are, rather than Jones, supposed to be the creative heart of the Rolling Stones (compare ‘Miss You’ to ‘Paint it Black’ if you dare). And yes I know that 1967 was 52 years ago today. Read on.

Brian Jones is also on Sgt Pepper of course, as are Richards & Jagger who all guested on ‘A Day In The Life’. Jones in fact was quite friendly with the Beatles and there were rumours that he intended to start a new band with, amongst others, John Lennon. I can just imagine how the establishments of both Britain and the United States would have handled a band that included these two along with Hendrix, Joplin and Steve Marriot. In fact rumours suggest that this band was in the making, although I’ve added Joplin because I think that would have rounded out the above band perfectly. Every single one of these musicians died young. And not one of them did so without suspicion of the form of their deaths.

The first to die was Brian Jones allegedly accidentally drowned in his pool at Cotchford Farm late in the evening of 2nd July 1969 albeit the death certificate says 3rd July. The oft repeated claim is drugs and drink, but the coroners report (a story in itself) does not back this up. Maybe his challenges to the establishments of the two countries, especially Britain’s, meant that his death on this day 50 years ago was not investigated at all. The fact remains that in all likelihood he was murdered. And the chief suspects, which include his bandmates Jagger and Richards as well as his former manager Allen Klein and his offsider, Tom Keylock, who had been tasked by Klein* with ‘managing’ Jones ‘on site’, were never questioned. Keylock’s brother was a high ranking officer at Scotland Yard at the time and is believed to have overruled the local cops who thought something underhand had happened at Cotchford Farm that night.

Neither Jagger nor Richards turned up for Jones’ funeral on the 10th July. Neither has either of them showed any generosity to him since he died, in fact both have indulged in very unpleasant nastiness and not a small amount of revisionism. The same can be said of the former Rolling Stones manager, Andrew Loog Oldham. There’s also the suspicion, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who holds to it, that Jagger & Richards didn’t stop stealing from Brian Jones in 1969.

Both Klein and Keylock are now dead, having died within days of each other in 2009, in Keylock’s case on the exact same day as Brian Jones 40 years previous. Despite this strange coincidence and the fact that these two suspects are no longer with us it is my view that this case could still be prosecuted. And it should be, as it is extremely likely that one of, or all of, Jagger, Richards and Loog Oldham know more of this probable crime.

And for the British establishment, what’s to lose here? It’s not as if any of the income of Rolling Stones Inc ends up in Britain anyway, Klein having absconded to New York with the song rights over 4 decades ago and Jagger & Richards both being tax exiles. In fact fight this one, and maybe some of those royalties might come back to the UK.

Credit: Ethan Russel. Brian Jones at Cotchford Farm in June 1969 shortly before his death.

* Jones had left the Stones the month before. Keylock though was at Cotchford Farm the night of Jones’ death, so Klein was still in the picture.

Some discussion of Jagger & Richards merciless bullying of Jones over several years, and their theft of his music (which is a lot more extensive than Ruby Tuesday, Lady Jane and We Love You), is here

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  1. Bill Wyman has, since he left the Stones sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, done much to correct the record of Brian Jones as put out by the Glimmer Twins and their support team. Here he is doing it again, on being interviewed for the new documentary on the Rolling Stones that he has out;


    (Charlie Watts is also much fairer to Jones than Jagger or Richards).

  2. Elsewhere the attempts to blame Frank Thorogood continue, led by Terry Rawlings who is just another rather unpleasant character in this charade. Thorogood can’t be ruled out, but in my view he had the demeanour of someone innocent of the murder of Brian Jones. Tom Keylock attempted to frame Thorogood as soon as Thorogood died back in the 90s but it was a pathetic attempt that failed as soon as it was exposed to sunlight and Keylock quickly retracted. But of course Rawlings would repeat the libel because….. well because he’s Terry Rawlings, court jester.


    Also talking of unpleasant characters, no love lost still between Andrew Loog Oldham and Brian Jones, the man who made his career for him. Oldham now lives in Columbia.

    Andrew Loog Oldham celebrates Brian Jones' death.

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