Official Information requests of the Green Party & James Shaw.

I put these requests to the Green Party and James Shaw back on June 10th via the site (run by the NZ Herald basically so that always needs to be kept in mind when doing a request via this site). I’ve sparred (on Twitter) with some of the ‘aspirational’ Greens such as Michael Tavares and Matt Whitehead (both being fans of telling us what their demanded pronouns are) on the topic of CO2 emissions of flights and what they were doing to address their own, and their reactions were anything but mature or responsible at the time so I wait with interest for the Green Party’s response to my OIA requests.

FYI requests of the Green Party & James Shaw

P.S. as a part of doing this post I have just discovered a WordPress bug which would likely allow hacking on any WordPress site. It’s so basic it reminds me that I should change software for this blog.

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