Is that thing where you can claim oppression points from bots/trolls that you may even have hired yourself. No surprise to see Gharahman there, I have pulled her up on this tactic a few times myself (and can prove it if required). Rachel Stewart is the only mainstream journalist worth tuppence in NZ/Aotearoa and she’s now behind a paywall and off Twitter (which I must stop browsing as it just makes me mad). Stewart gets plenty of threats because she writes material that annoys the locals who want to keep things the same. Johnston writes fluff pieces on politicians like Ghahraman….. and then blocks anybody on Twitter asking her to substantiate the claims.

Also note the 2019 style feminism. Should I blame steampunk?

The bots/trolls are getting better, notice the localizing reference to K road, but they’re still bots/trolls and most try to ignore them. But not if you’re out to make a point I guess. In my view the National Party and the Greens are the biggest user of these things. The Labour Party uses them less but seem to have hired a misogynist idiot (I won’t link to the tweet of his that proves this as I havn’t got an R18 sticker on this blog) to bot-manage during election campaigns.

The Labour Party is also deep in with The Standard which is run by another idiot, Lynn Prentice. Of course this is probably a reaction to Whale Oil etc. so I guess that would be the justification. And on that subject I always thought (once I started taking notice) that John Key’s main role was with Whale Oil while somebody else actually ran the country (into the ground). That doesn’t seem to be the case with Ardern so I guess we should give small thanks for small mercies for the moment. But she should shut down Lynn Prentice as he does the Labour Party no favours.

When I first came back to NZ about a decade ago it was quite a shock to me the number of political blogs. I suspect there’s a lot of money being spent on bolthole politics.

Update 10th July: After looking at the @JeremyPenrice account he does seem to be a local with a grievance (or a few). But he’s still an easy mark.

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