The cop-out, and its origins, of relying on the young to save the world

One of my side interests is Classics. I’ve also studied religion and being an atheist this means that you study its origins as man-made. These two disciplines are not unrelated and if you wish to you can see the origins of one from the other. I’ve also studied Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. What I learned is that if you’re going to raise a story that is ideological (one male god) in a way that is at odds with the prevailing understanding of the world at the time (many gods both female and male) is that you need to remove the young from the ‘bad’ influence of the older generations.

I see parallels with recent attempts to raise the young as the saviours of the world in these CO2 challenged times.

So it’s good to see some kickback from the younger generation at this (poorly thought out) idea as well;

“We can’t rely on just young people to save us (Dominion Post)”

This is everyone’s fight. I might also add that even as an atheist I can see that having gods both female and male who are also connected to the elements of our existence sounds like a much better moral outline for living within our world rather than on it. And anyway the patriarchal god is dying;

And his chariot is proving no longer up (ha) to the job;

Bye Zeus.

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