This blog is hopefully part of the change that this world needs as it moves necessarily to a sustainable and quite different future. But despite that we’re not out to destroy the old, we need its science after all, but we do imagine a world of substantial differences to our current one.

We are vegans (or trying), gardeners, scientists, programmers, poets, historians, Classicists, storytellers, budding linguists, into sustainable transportation whenever we possibly can and political mainly because we have to be. We are pro-business but anti-capitalist. We have been business owners, students, farmers, labourers and hospitality workers in our former lives. We have strong connections to Australia as well as to Aotearoa and ultimately our heritage takes us even further afield into this interconnected world. The content therefore will hopefully reflect the extent of these interests and experiences. We ultimately feel that we’re not going to change the world with dry statistics alone despite the truth that may be contained within.

We’re not into identity politics. That looks very much like a religious counter-reform movement to us with very unsavoury allies. We believe in smaller cities, local democracy and local food.

All original material is our own and subject to copyright (that includes you XR Dunedin). If you want to reproduce it you will need to ask our permission despite the fact that we will, most likely, give it freely.