Coattailing on School students’ climate action

At the protest on 24th May in the Octagon the ‘Stop the Minerals Forum’ guys were there as well along with Fin from Generation Zero and they basically took over the last 50 minutes or so of the protest (and there are some such as Abe who flit between both).

So moving away from the school students and more to the Stop the Minerals Forum guys, well Abe was there he being associated with various groups in Dunedin (he was wearing his pink jacket again, like he did at the Extinction Rebellion ‘action’ a few weeks ago). He was helping the compere in their attempts to rouse the crowd. They’ll need to work on that though and several times I felt that I was watching Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot play but as a much more annoying version.

Probably about an hour from the end (it may have been 45 minutes, I wasn’t taking notes) Fin from Generation Zero spoke. He might as well not have and was particularly unimpressive in both presentation and content of his speech. His claim (delivered with a lack of belief) was that Generation Zero had to fight tooth and nail for the Zero Carbon Act (which is far from adequate anyway) but this in my view is a bogus claim, Generation Zero has all the appearance of having establishment backing. Fin is studying politics.

Towards the end the rest of the guys (save one gal) from the Stop the Minerals Forum meeting showed themselves (they had been hanging around the stage for the whole protest) and spoke about how to take action at the upcoming conference. Chief gender strategist Sam (apparently he’s a divestment strategist, and ‘for whom’ would be my question) then proceeded to take the school students through strategies on how to resist for the upcoming Minerals Conference. All I would say to the school students at this stage is to be careful of the friends whom you choose. Sam of course commented that the two groups were not associated but pull the other one Sam, you’re the main suspect for training of how to do rousing speeches of no substance. In fact in my opinion any climate group associated with Sam has a problem with legitimacy. Activism (and we definitely need it) needs to be in the hands of actual activists again.

Anyway a guy from this group (I am unaware of who he is but he was pleasant enough) was giving out small leaflets on their behalf (I assume they’re still calling themselves ‘Stop the Minerals Forum’ despite the website address on the leaflet).

So from the leaflet;

A Climate Justice Õtepoti/Stop the Minerals Forum website. Registered to a non-existent (NZ?) company (P and T Ltd). Also has the name Phil Todd on the whois record.  But that’s as far as any of the supposed NZ connections go. Not hosted in NZ but rather in the US.  Seems to have a connection to a person from the Netherlands (that would be Kai) but despite that it looks to be set up by someone with a US focus (obviously via Kai). How the connection to this group comes is probably not that much of a mystery but I’m going to leave that one for now.

Note the name. Very focused on coal isn’t it? The conference though is focused on more than coal as oil and gas are also a large focus. The wording of the pamphlet given out at the protest is therefore ‘problematically’ interesting and I quote “The NZ Minerals Forum is coming to Dunedin, to promote the expansion of coal, and other problematic extractive industries in Aotearoa.”

I’ll just say that last bit again “other problematic extractive industries in Aotearoa”. That would be oil and gas then guys? I’ve heard this line before, at the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015 (COP 21). The main offenders there were the Carnegie Fund guys, in oil up to their eyeballs….

And another website address was announced at the protest, this was; (or – they’re the same site basically (and end up back at Generation Zero).

Note the attempt to encourage generational conflict (groan…..). Although it looks to be associated with the NZ Young Greens (Max Tweedie is this you?) this domain is actually registered in Yorkshire. That I suspect leads straight to the new gender strategies of the dumbed down elite thinkers (think Idiocracy with mermaids). I’ll look more into this in the next few days but in the meantime you may like to think about buying this house in Connecticut, why I don’t know it just looks like a nice family home, plenty of room for elbowing;

More Photos of Lake Carrington Estate

Dunedin division of School Strike for Climate

It was a nice day in Dunedin today. Blue skies and about 15 or 16 degrees. We’ve seen very little of winter to date this year which is a little concerning.

At roughly 13:00 today (1 p.m. for those on the 12 hour clock) there was a School Strike for Climate protest in the Octagon in Dunedin. I went along.

I was not overly impressed with its organization and its compering. The main speaker/compere and the first few who spoke were less than impressive, more interested in the tactics that they’ve obviously been taught in crowd manipulation than the topic at hand to which they gave no indication of knowing anything at all about. Of course the Climate Justice Ōtepoti crowd were there, in whatever incarnation they’re currently calling themselves. And no I don’t know why I just thought of them…  more about them in another post.

But once you got away from the main guys there was a little more substance in the middle period of the protest. Ben from Kings was the first speaker to actually show that he knew anything about the topic and gave a quite reasonable speech. When he walked off the stage (after the most impressive speech to that point – and to the end really) he was roundly ignored by the organizers. That’s rudeness in my eyes, but it also says something about these organizers in turn. Ben then walked to the side of the Octagon to get his single use plastic bottle of water so hopefully he’ll work on that one in the future. There was in addition a guy (whose name I’ve forgotten for now) who had written a rather impressive song on climate change (good enough to give Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’ a run for its money in my view) and who seemed to know the topic at hand. And a girl from St Hilda’s gave a speech that although delivered in a style that challenged its listeners to stay focused on it was reasonable enough. She just needs to work on her presentation. And previous to these speeches there had been a girl who had sang two songs who was nervous but talented although I’m not sure that the lyrics of the second song were completely appropriate. But hell they’re only 16, I’ll give them a pass on that one. Which is more than I’m going to do for the Climate Justice crowd who had the last half hour or so of this protest.

Please note that I’ve used ‘girl’ rather than ‘young woman’ here although I’m sure that they’re interchangeable. They were high school students.

Golriz Gharahman, Seymour, Hooton and the preachers of Twitter

Golriz has been taking some flak of late. I can’t say that I don’t think that it’s deserved. I havn’t got into the specifics of the argument, I understand that David Seymour (ACT MP) said that she was dangerous to NZ’s democracy. I believe that Matthew Hooton then waded in and that in turn bought the permanently outraged (when not dying their hair that is) of Twitter on to the defense team. David’s language might have been a little ‘flowery’ and Matthew’s allegiances are open to question (albeit National seems not to like him as much as he likes them) but Golriz and her Twitter outrage team are harder to support than Seymour and Hooton are in this case. In fact I don’t think that Seymour was too far off the mark here (a stopped clock etc). And I actually think that Matthew is performing a service to democracy in asking some hard questions of the Greens and others. His OIA requests are mostly ones that we should all be interested in.

Golriz could get more support if she actually cared about typical Green issues instead of trying to further legislate against free speech which seems to be her main focus (and pre-dates Christchurch). But that’s asking too much of any MP of this current Green Party. From the green-washing James Shaw to the anti-feminist Green Women MPs to the complete disappearance of Gareth Hughes this party is a serious wasted vote at the next election.

The necessary fix for this state of affairs would mean, at the very least, that Marama and Golriz would be replaced with two environmental focused (actual) feminist candidates. But a complete clean out would be better. Chloe, Julie Anne and Gareth would likely be good to have around still but they’ve proved incapable of standing up for the environment so their current status as MPs is undeserved. The other Green MPs have no right to the claim to be Green in any way whatsoever (I could word that more rudely but I’ll resist that urge for now).

As for the next generation of Greens such as Max Tweedie and Michael Tavares well they’re even more odious. And with guest spots given to the McDonalds promoting media favourite (there’s a reason for that, considering who her fellow Aunties Inc mates are) Jackie Clark well there’s a distinct hue of brown starting to appear in the NZ Greens so I actually hope that Hooton and Seymour continue to put pressure on the worst of them. Saves me the bother.

They’re just not getting it.

The May Day stoush between a black woman and some ‘trans activists’ who called her a *igger and ‘black scum’ reminded me of some other privileged males;


Yes one of the World’s supposed leaders of climate change action (Macron) is sitting down with the CEO of the world’s chief spy agency (aka Facebook) with plastic bottles galore around the table (also no women to be seen – or heard).

Like this supposed climate activist who was one of the bullies at the Labour Party Rally in London on May Day;


I guess we shouldn’t expect more, these are after all the most privileged men of the planet. They didn’t get there by caring about others or our environment/biosphere.

P.S. I assume that their face has been blotted out of that video where I’ve taken the pic from (above) because it makes “her” look like him. Here’s another pic of them;


Looking at you in a way that male privilege only provides.

A Saturday to remember

First I graduated today with my Post Graduate diploma in Geography. My mini-thesis was on the Arctic. The person next to me at the Graduation had done hers on whether nuts released more nutrients if soaked first. The answer was no they don’t. She asked me if there was any hope for the Arctic. I said no there wasn’t but maybe we could hope for better for the planet.

Secondly an Email conversation was started with a person who is into climate change denial. Suspect that he’s too smart not to be in it for the money. Trouble is that he’s not smart enough to realize that physics really doesn’t care. You can’t take your wealth with you.

Thirdly not at all surprised to see Antifa and Trans Activists on the same page here, unfortunately Antifa has no rights to the Anti in their name (and how smug is that guy in the white t-shirt).

An article about that interaction is here;

Morning Star article

(warning to fake activists – that’s a communist newspaper there, get your minders permissions first)


Late Anthropocene feminists wear pink dresses

The host is probably the only feminist here so I don’t agree with the title of this youtube clip on more than one level. But I do love this part of it for what it says about the current ‘zeitgeist’;

The proud pink dress feminist is Ayesha Hazarika (please give me back Greer & Dworkin).


Stop the Minerals Forum Safe Space Policy

Stop the Minerals Forum Safe Space Policy

This 1984 like document has been carried over from Climate Justice Õtepoti and in fact the link was originally theirs, until I noted that to them. The bank account is also still theirs (whoever ‘theirs’ is, but I suspect that Climate Justice Õtepoti has the same account number as Auckland Peace Action).

Good luck keeping to these conditions. Remember not to invade personal space, forget to read body language or indulge in confrontational behaviour that “may spark aggression” (I think that we can safely assume that they may be prone to a bit of violence by that, the little brown-shirts).

Also watch out for the SS errr… T  (aka Safe Space Team).

Finally that bit they’ve ‘blued’ clearly indicates their ‘associations’ which, as you can see from the image embedded below, is Auckland Peace Action who along with their Wellington division believe that war is peace, and plant fake bombs to prove it .

So “Iris” take it away


Dziękuję Wojtek, to było piękne. Tak, dobrze, dobrze….. może być….

(and yes Wojtek I do know how to pronounce the above)

To be clear I do support action against this conference. But this post is about the ‘safe spaces’ policy of this supposed ‘coalition’ both of which I do not support.


OMV, oil and Otago

Now I know that a lot of citizens of the Dunedin region share a similar heritage to Europeans. But having spent plenty of time in Europe over the last 30 years I figure I can normally pick a European in New Zealand. Don’t ask me to define why that is, is it the clothes, the way that they hold themselves, the lack of casualness? The designer glasses? The European accent? Who knows. Anyway I figure some of the employees of OMV were in town last week having spotted some likely lads in George St near Westpac Bank. So I’ve made an FYI request via (their website is very kindly hosted by NZME, so generous of them….) for information on any possible meetings that OMV representatives may have had with DCC or ORC and their employees/representatives in the last month.

That they pulled out of the meetings due to 25 protestors in the Council offices yesterday seems unlikely to me.


Extinction Rebellion, some thoughts

I have been thinking about Extinction Rebellion (XR) quite a lot lately. I do have some qualms.

The UK group Class War from about 30 years ago always gave the impression of being a State invention so I would really hope that we’re not seeing a replay here. But apparently XR (UK) has only raised 82k GBP so far and that really should have run out many months ago. This group on the other hand has all the appearance of being well funded (offices, flyers, nice webpage). So I’m far from convinced that hope is going to be adequate here.

I like my organizations to have grass roots.

Heiko (I’ve never heard of him before an hour ago) has some interesting things to say in this interview and I like how the interviewer (I assume that this is Rashid Nix) changes from skepticism initially to comradeship by the end of the interview;