Listen to the poems

So on in the public hall
An invite sent to Canada
Or was it to the institute
Anyway Stefan & Lauren
Invited in, lower ocean

Up stepped go or goff
Said no, piss off
And the rabble yelled
Free speech
and the other of the rabble yelled
punch a nazi

Brown shirt or black shirt
Ducked and plucked
You know what these rhyme with
Sure in their conviction of correctness
Or maybe some not really caring
What a damned mess

My grandfather stood on this hill
Against something
rather than for something
My grandmother stood on no hill
This is something for men to do
Well glory be, praise to the lead
rat a tat tat you are dead

That is not the way that it was
War is horror
War has no morrow
Only aches of sorrow
Listen to the poems
Listen to the songs
Listen to the ancients
Before you spread this
To the children

Kinder Morgan proposed pipeline in Western Canada

This was my part of a group project on Strategic Environmental Assessment in 2018. Basically a list of key points, might be handy for those wanting to get a hold of this issue.
Update 30/5/18 (16:20 NZST). Canadian Government is going to buy the pipeline from Kinder Morgan. This kind of complicates the opposition to it. Will be an interesting next 12 months or so. Basically Canadian Government is either playing a National strategic game (likely) or they are helping out Kinder Morgan (also likely but not compatible with first suggestion). I suspect that the pipeline will be sold back at the first post build opportunity (If you disagree say so in the comments).
Also Vancouver is infested with gender politics which is clearly an elite agenda. I’m not sure though how this has impacted so far but if you can trust someone like Morgane Oger then you’re far less cynical than I am. 

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Canada

  • 1990 Cabinet directive issued to consider environmental concerns in the development of their policies, plans, and programs (PPPs). Federal level triggered if proposal submitted to Minister for approval and if project may result in significant environmental impact. Act stipulates that the National Energy Board (NEB) members live in Calgary, Alberta. (the Tarsands are in the north of Alberta and date to just before this time).
  • 1999, 2004 & 2010 Cabinet directive updated with advice on how to implement.
  • 2012 Harper (Conservative) government guts all EAs (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 or CEAA).NEB (based in Calgary) put in charge of pipelines. The NEB is unpopular in Canada, something that both itself and the Canadian government have acknowledged in 2016.
  • 2016 Recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Liberal) announces overhaul of IAs/EAs.
  • 2018 Bill C-69 tabled. Plans to repeal CEAA 2012 and replace it with the Impact Assessment Act. Broadens scope to include health, social, economic in addition to environmental and has an emphasis on sustainability and indigenous cooperation. One agency proposed for all IAs. Not though retrospective. New act would shift many decisions to Federal level.

SEA at Provincial Level (British Columbia)

Ra ra

so i took a finnish bath
looked up the garden path
crooked a look at the serpent math
tried a squint at the resultant wrath

i yelled out in karelian pith
held out for morwellian myth
how long is this paradigm riff
how old really is a tee yo and with

Ha said hi to the sun god ra from me
ensconsed in protocol from far dexterity
sang a song to a typical punditry
rang a bell to the Agata Christie tree

and I heard a sax song a war lord wry
a booming drum describe a forlorn π
I heard an old world plead not to die
and waxed on how a rah rah was a sporting cry

and as I lost even more righted words
I looked up in the sky to the floating birds
I gave hell to the ensconced lazy chords
who were not weaving mighty enough to be thirds

Hail era three by three, raise an ark for free
Hear the din and rark up for any sort of liberty
Instead of hell ore hades or uptown son’s idiocy
We there paen sixpence infin or trin fare them see

So give a metre and a fought you will sow
Cush shone brightly I’ll let you know
Until Rome shut it down with words flung low
Fitting epitath for ragged rhyming river Po

Now say it softly in case they hear
But its the hordes we must call and cheer
Describe the cave and they will peer
It’s only the lords who woe state price two dear

And now I souvenir a rattle snakes death askance
I heard a keyboard hay guitar twang a rotten chance
worded won thousand stars blue moon munted lance
in the distance I heard the crackling witches chants

ra ra

Go forth young

The cowes fowl
Milk prizes did not dwell
Fatted udders clotted and belled
Danes swatted, Swiss plotted
South Island rivers tanked
Bulls in a china shop

The metal water thieves
Swarming like krakken
Rusted and kakked
Like oil was frakked
A billion or more lost lives
for a plane to St Ives

And in place this ways
up rose orchards and cos letters
Universities jumped over the moon
Cabbages instead of coals
Tomatoes instead of horned toes
The snow returned
Rivers half turned
Peas broke and ran, scatted in clan

Science yelled, students squinted
Is it 9 billion or 9, the zeros hinted
Are you not you one or two
On the other side of the hearth
Sat Tuatara on a foot laugh
Here before you, but nothing unless too
Or add a bit for free
Fish can wonder too

Not yin not yang
Not give not take
But ying yang and yong
Give, take and bake
For knees and happens sake
The good anon has spake
Of the quatarnery awake
I wonder who is the other one
This young nipper tea

The cat in the hat

The cat in the hat
He just does knat
I think he should scat
The turbo-charged brat

The orange wigged prig
The turtle necked stig
The cow jumping planets
The solar reneged rejects
Should scat, de cat


When software becomes too big
it becomes unmanageable
stretches at the seams
blows out in parts beyond means
blues flow into greens
reds stand and simmer in past misdeeds
poorly concocted codes causes storms
and blows and stammers and implodes
when rage drove the code
when hate fleshed the mother ode
when daughter and sister were cut
by design or by omission
the storms blew, the seas rose
but this is just one, of total
there is maybe 5 or 7
or maybe more who am I to count
there are sinews that I have not even
thought of, and I know for
sure that you have not either