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Does not make sense.

Article about such folly in today's Fairfax press (it was carried in the ODT).

Assets Vulnerable to Climate Change Related Floods

This report is based on the very conservative IPCC 5th Assessment reports from several years ago. These reports fail to take into consideration any Antarctic melt.

This Hospital is likely to have Sea Level Rise issues before it is finished. David Clarke made a big mistake here.

As a contrast here's Californian advice on such low level (i.e. metres above sea level) development.

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Surely this should have been published two weeks ago to encourage more diversity in the nominations. As it stands it hasn't been so we should now just be choosing the best out of who has nominated. Otherwise one might think, Charlie, that you're trying to skew the voting towards those who have nominated and who are not over 50 (but still mostly Pākeha strangely). And they seem to be a fairly peculiar bunch, one might even think that for the most part they'd been put up to it by the most privileged billionaire white men on this planet who don't even live in Aotearoa. What says you Charlie?

The White Male Middleaged Face of Local Government

Just as an aside I tried to encourage both my wife (over 50, not Pākeha* and female) and my daughter (well under 50, not sure if she's Pākeha** and female) to nominate. But they both declined.

Remind me Charlie, who makes up the main cadre of journalists in Aotearoa. And do you belong to this group perchance? How diverse is journalism in Aotearoa?

Hypocrite (spoiler, I normally like Charlie Mitchell's writing).

Somewhat related I bought my daughter a book yesterday.

*. I doubt, being an Australian, that she identifies as Pākeha. ** ditto really, although has had 9/18 of her years so far in New Zealand, so maybe she does, but I havn't asked.


And mine is one of them. I am also running for council. Submitted in the nick of time with about a minute to spare and several runs down Filleul Street. That was fun but a little stressful.

Anyway here's my 150 word introduction;

“My main foci are to do with climate and small business. I feel that small business is our future along with livable small cities with strong public transport systems. There are great public transport options for cities like Dunedin including walking, cycling, buses, trams, trains and even gondolas.

I have a strong focus on South Dunedin and understand that the only real solution for South Dunedin is retreat. The focus should now be to make this retreat as orderly and the least disruptive for its residents, business owners and workers as possible.

Having previously been in small business for many years part of my concentration would be in making it easier for small business to operate. I understand the sector very well and feel that this sector (including farming) is best placed to move with us into a future that will necessarily not be reliant on oil, coal and gas.”

Nominations received

I don't expect to win. I will do my best to do so but I'm behind the 8 ball really. I don't have the funding for billboards (there are environmental issues there anyway) or promotion so I will have to do it on the cheap, guerilla style rather than with the full raised and fed armies that others have. Do I have enemies? I sure do. Politics is very gamed these days, there are billionaires with agendas and lots of easily purchased followers and I've managed to get myself on to a few lists that those who are trying to raise this billionaire funded inquisition have on the net mostly for believing that there are only two sexes. If you have yet to hear of the slur TERF then boy where have you been? But I'm more focused on getting a message out to the electorate that climate change needs to be addressed now, not later. Unlike others I'm not planning to make a eunuch of anyone or put back womens rights to the 19th Century on the way there. If I manage to get myself elected well then all the better.

So who (else) am I up against? (Mayoral candidates)

  • Aaron Hawkins is hamstrung by his Green Party (who are obsessed with gender) affiliation in my view. Also not the best on climate change issues anyway.
  • Finn Campbell does not impress me as being genuine in his 'climate activism'.
  • Mandy Mayhem-Bullock may have some climate focus, not sure.
  • Lee Vandervis will likely bring his climate denial game.
  • One (Barbour-Evans) is pronoun challenged. She is currently attempting to convince others of Y chromosome status after recently giving birth. So far has not focused on climate at all. Will undoubtedly use the slur TERF at some stage.
  • One (Moncrieff) is a huge fan of Jordan Peterson, especially when Jordan spins 'Western superiority'. Moncrieff is also a big climate change denier (i.e. fact challenged) and prone to annoying post-graduate students on the stairs of the Richardson building at Otago University.
  • The others seem somewhat business focused.

I'm both small business and climate change focused and I have the best vision of everyone going for Mayor. I've been thinking about what needs to be done for years. I'm not beholden to a party or financial backers. I definitely would like to start work on the 13th October on preparing Dunedin for the changes that climate change is forcing on us. And I actually would be very good at this job.

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Heres's where their CEOs live.

Credit: Jordan Engel “Names & Location of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet, 2019”

Of course another one could be done with shareholders but that's just going to end up at about 10-12 world banks. As anyone who has looked at the shareholders (i.e. or of these companies knows these banks have the same shareholdings in the same ratios on probably the majority of blue chip companies.

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это хорошо, да?

Translation – Otava Yoh (the Band) – oh Dusya, oh Marusya (Cossack folk song/dance)


A series of slides I did on South Dunedin in 2016. I will probably keep trying to fix this so that it's more responsive.

South Dunedin is very prone to Sea Level Rise, it was built on former marsh and lagoon, a lot of the material used to fill in these geographic features were industrial waste and it's its beaches can be breached in various places. It has been a problem since the 19th Century but with Sea Level Rise now over 3mm a year it is likely that the only long-term (which may in fact be sooner than we'd like) solution is retreat.

There really is no possibility of anything being achieved while Clare Curran remains the local MP. She is really very weak on climate change and probably thinks that we can just build concrete walls at the beach. I've never heard her even mention the issue, unless reacting to someone else doing so. And she won't be getting any good advice on this from anyone close to her politically either, as they reside right behind the dunes on Victoria Road. Or live in central Wellington.

Hopefully she will be gone soon. South Dunedin needs to have a sea level rise focused M.P. so as the disruption is in as orderly fashion as possible.












It's just a simple slideshow. CSS only, no javascript.

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I'm not sure what Fairfax is doing here, it's a little intellectual for a New Zealand newspaper publication isn't it? What happened to the 20 stories on the All Blacks loss last night? Someone must be on sick leave....

“Searching for the real Troy story in Turkey”

Anyway it's there, so lets talk about it. Very well known German classicists came to blows over Troy back in the 2000s. And like one of those classicists I've never held Heinrich Schliemann in much regard. For one thing he is reputed to have moved archeological articles from elsewhere (such as Athens, as you would) to Hisarlik to 'find them'. For myself I think that Hisarlik is a very, very unconvincing Troy. In fact I'd look for Troy elsewhere both in space and time. We date Homer to the 7th or 8th Century BCE these days but the Classical Greeks didn't, believing Hesiod to be the earlier writer of the two. As Hesiod is often dated to the 7th Century BCE this moves Homer to the 6th Century BCE or even later. There is also some humour in the Iliad and that is by most accounts a 5th Century BCE writing innovation. That's where I would place Homer although I'd find only resistance to this in classicist circles. Do I care? No I don't.

I think the Iliad reads like a reworked Battle of Plataea*.

It's a propagandistic piece about how the god fearing very much hierarchically organized Greeks defeated the democratic orientated Trojans. The Iliad does not necessarily think that this was a good thing.

Make of that what you will.

It's also a Greek David and Goliath story in some ways. Which is apt as the oldest Synagogue found in the world is on Delos which is more or less on the other side of Athens to where Plataea is.

Plataea, Athens & Delos (see arrows). Hisarlik (supposedly Troy) is up to the North of all these places (added in red text). It's about 16km from Gallipoli.^

Greece in the 5th Century was a lot larger than the map above. It included Sicily and parts of Italy proper as well as various city states on the southern side of the Mediterranean. In fact Greece itself didn't exist, just city states who sometimes worked together and who had the Greek language, learning and organization in common. Frogs on a pond. Just as described in the Iliad. A very 5th Century thing rather than something from the Bronze Age.

Did someone mention Plato?

* interestingly Kolb now views Troy as being in Greece but still dates it to the Bronze Age.

^ Argos an impressive city at the time of Homer and with frequent mentions in the Iliad is not marked on this map. Sparta which the Iliad hardly mentions is marked on this map. Helen of Sparta? No, in the Iliad (original Greek version) it was always Argive Helen or Helen of Argos. For another time.

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I'd suggest that it's because he's never been to either Dover or Calais.

He, like so many of his class, probably only knows his way to the London City Airport. I wonder what his CO2 emissions are.

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I love this song. It's probably one of the darkest songs ever written.

But no way is this a Jagger/Richards song.

Like most of the Rolling Stone's hits from this era it has Brian Jones written all over it. One of the, or maybe just the, world's greatest rock musician(s) and songwriter(s).

“It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue I could not foresee this thing happening to you If I look hard enough into the setting sun My love will laugh with me before the morning comes”

Love those last two lines. Jagger & Richards still havn't figured out what they mean. Their idiocy it seems is in equal measure to their thieving.

Keith Richards – “Brian Jones wrote Paint it Black, dig?”

P.S. I must have been thinking of the colour of oil...

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Updated 8th August, 2019

Is a very diverse place. Definitely the most diverse of Dunedin's suburbs and probably (without checking up there with the most diverse suburbs in New Zealand. Some though may still conceive it as a white working class area from the 1970s that it possibly never was anyway. I have some personal experience of this perception so I know that it can be true even here in Dunedin.

But I walk or cycle through South Dunedin every day. I know some of the locals. I socialise locally maybe once or twice a week, whether that's down in the middle class entertainment precinct of St Clair or the more working class pubs or cafes scattered around the suburb. I cycle past the Muslim school to get to the Edgar Centre for sports. I walk across Bathgate Park to get home if I'm not cycling down Hillside Road past the Hillside Workshops almost every day. I am in the retail area of South Dunedin once or twice a week with its Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, European and Māori retailers (and maybe an occasional propagandistic/evangelical religious and/or political outfit). A party I went to recently, a birthday party, was attended by a pretty diverse bunch, although I guess truth be told mostly working class, which if you spent anytime with anywhere really, you would realize this diversity to be the norm. So although I wasn't born here (sometimes important in this city) I know the place pretty well.

I have never seen any poster along these lines in South Dunedin;

And I went to some effort a few weeks ago to find some. But all I found were anti-racist posters from the International Socialists. So Rangi and Uriohau, sorry but I call bull dust on this one.

Undoubtedly the above conversation was prompted by the Christchurch Mosque (alleged*) murderer Brendon (or Brenton) Tarrant. But he spent little time in Dunedin (he's from NSW) and I've not heard anyone say that they knew of him. Probably the only time that he spent in South Dunedin was at the Gym opposite the local Muslim school mentioned above. But regardless of what prompted the above conversation, it's still erroneous. And because South Dunedin is also one of the poorest suburbs in New Zealand, and well known as such, it's probably a little classist as well.

#politics #racism #southdunedin #wokereality

* presumption of innocence is still current, for now anyway, so until he's been found guilty (or innocent) the correct wording includes 'alleged'.

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