Extinction Rebellion LLC

Well I can’t say that this surprises me in the least.

Corporates for XR credit: Jeremy Legget

Nor this; Roger Hallam disses the politically active.

Credit for the heads up: wrongkindofgreen.org

There is actually a key point at about 1:02.13. Roger (or is that Julian?) talks about the bottom group being a 1000 times bigger than the other two groups and then goes on to describe that group as the 1% who want to get things done but are not political (this last claim a lie in my view, rather than naivety). If one was generous you might call it an accidental Freudian slip. I’m not going to be generous though, I think he did mean to talk about the 1%. The 1,000 times bigger being the capital that they have. He then defines the middle group, the problem for his movement, as being ‘extreme vegan’ or ‘extreme hard left’ and when someone mentions the hard right states that ‘no [they’re not the problem]*’. Let’s not muck around here, Hallam is part of the problem. Therefore so is Extinction Rebellion.

[ ] brackets are often used in archaeology and biblical research to describe text that has been lost from the original document. I’ve co-opted them here as intent was obvious.


Wrong Kind of Green – anti-corporate.

Jeremy Leggett – happy to be corporate.

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