F$%K Off Google

Google wants to open up a 'campus' in Berlin, specifically in Kreuzberg. There's considerable community opposition to the idea.

Don't let Google take over Berlin!

I first noticed this a year or two ago, when directed there from a similar opposition to Google in France.

The great thing for those of us not in Berlin is that this community based opposition to Google has partnered with the open source project searx to provide a front end to google search results without that nasty little filter bubble that Google uses to both identify you (yes even if you're not logged in, your history is like a kind of finger print) and to serve you up advertisements while also restricting your search results as well as passing on that information to the security state. Apologies for the swears but you must admit that it is a very memorable name to remember;

Fuck off Google

Google really is part of the evil in 'don't do evil' and you should definitely stay away from it. And this is a far better option than duckduckgo which is basically just a venture capital funded yahoo add-on pretending to privacy (the question that duckduckgo won't ever answer is how do they make their money for their venture capital backers?).

searx is also worth your time.

We need to break this technological hold that companies like Google currently have on us. And leave duckduckgo for the woke bros.

For a more detailed outline of 'filter bubbles' this is quite a good article.

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