No milk today, the bottle stands forlorn.

2019 the kids are going to save us climate movement.

Rose Murphy, 15th July 2019

Rose Murphy, 30th July 2019

Obviously mitigating climate emissions starts at somebody else's home.

And yes I do have the correct Rose Murphy (although I think that she's taking the second picture rather than posing for it).

Rose & Sam's friend (Jack Brazil's as well), Gabbey of the local as well as Climate Justice, is also over in Europe at the moment. Maybe the full crew is?

Rose and Gabbey, if you see this I have an article for you to read;

It Turns out Planes are even Worse for the Climate than We Thought

I've been to Europe plenty of times myself and always by plane as well. I have a bit to make up for, to be honest. But for the last two years I have not flown once which does require some sacrifice if your partner is keen on the Pacific Islands holiday and not so keen on Caroline Bay.

Those who have to fly for work should pressure their workplaces to reduce this form of travel.

Getting down to the nitty gritty although there are other alternatives to flying internationally there are none unfortunately out of NZ right now. But nevertheless there is from Australia, so fly there and catch a boat passage somewhere. And make a big deal of it, you are after all supposed to be pushing CO2 responsibility.

Because there really is no excuse if you're telling others to lower their emissions. Otherwise you're a hypocrite. And nobody wants to be a hypocrite (looking at you Green Party and hangers on).

Stop Flying (twitter link).

#climatechange #rosemurphy #hypocrites Updated 8th August, 2019

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