South Dunedin flood risk.

A series of slides I did on South Dunedin in 2016. I will probably keep trying to fix this so that it's more responsive.

South Dunedin is very prone to Sea Level Rise, it was built on former marsh and lagoon, a lot of the material used to fill in these geographic features were industrial waste and it's its beaches can be breached in various places. It has been a problem since the 19th Century but with Sea Level Rise now over 3mm a year it is likely that the only long-term (which may in fact be sooner than we'd like) solution is retreat.

There really is no possibility of anything being achieved while Clare Curran remains the local MP. She is really very weak on climate change and probably thinks that we can just build concrete walls at the beach. I've never heard her even mention the issue, unless reacting to someone else doing so. And she won't be getting any good advice on this from anyone close to her politically either, as they reside right behind the dunes on Victoria Road. Or live in central Wellington.

Hopefully she will be gone soon. South Dunedin needs to have a sea level rise focused M.P. so as the disruption is in as orderly fashion as possible.












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